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We Bought a Rare Kia Telluride Outside of Massachusetts

The Kia Telluride is a rare SUV that is currently in short supply in the U.S. In one of our recent purchases, we were lucky enough to find someone looking to sell this rather large, classy, and comfortably crossover. 

Kyle lives in Lee State, NH and like many of our clients, he came to know about Boston Car Buyers through our website. He was so impressed by all the reviews he came across that he decided to give us a shot. 

He started by filling his information online and in no time, Paul, one of our buying agents, was able to reach out to him. Paul provided Kyle with a price which the two negotiated on before coming to an agreement. This was followed by the preparation of all the paperwork online. 

Since Kyle is located out of state, we dispatched our buying agent, Todd, who traveled to Lee State in New Hampshire to verify the condition of the car. Once everything was sorted, Todd gave Kyle his check and paid off his remaining balance to Kia Financial. 

There is a shortage of new Kia Tellurides in North America right now. Whenever this happens, the supply is left to the used car market. Such a situation creates a bubble that causes the prices of certain used cars to rise above their normal market value.  While the condition never lasts, its short-lived existence provides a fun opportunity to buy cars from some of our clients.


What’s special about the Kia Telluride?

The Telluride is the first official crossover of its kind to come from Kia. It’s packed with tons of impressive luxury features and technologies that very few cars have. All of this is offered for a price less than what you’d expect. When you drive it, you’ll also realize that the space, comfort, and performance is almost similar to that of the Range Rover Sport. 

If you can get your ego to go around the Kia badge that sits right in the middle of the grille, you’ll get to enjoy plenty of goodies. For starters, its big tiger-inspired nose grille makes it look like a powerful SUV that only means business. It’s also pretty conspicuous and makes the car stand out of any crowd you put it in. 

The idea of the Telluride was conceived in Irvine, California where it was designed. Its assembly was carried out in West Point, Georgia. If you take a look at its exterior, you’ll discover that it’s characterized by plenty of unique accents that separate it from your ordinary family hauler. For example, the LED lights feature a downward swoop that makes it all the more attractive. Looking at it, you’ll also see elements from other manufacturers like Volvo. 


Powerful engine 


The overall exterior look of the Telluride fits that of a full-size SUV. However, Kia claims that the car falls in the mid-size class. Its large build is already a popular selling point for most families looking for a large seven- or eight-seater. 

At its heart is a 3.8-liter V6 engine that produces 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. All the power is sent to either the front or all wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. While this isn’t the strongest engine to ever come from Kia, it produces enough juice to tackle busy streets, twisting hills, and traffic-ridden highways. 

To prove its power, the Telluride is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds. This is the same weight you’ll find in a typical family camper. Payload is rated at between 1,300-1,500 pounds depending on the trim you pick. As such, you get an EPA-estimate of 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. While other mid-size crossovers boast better fuel efficiency, these estimates are typical for a V6-powered SUV. 


Excellent Handling 

The massive weight of the Kia Telluride means that you aren’t going to be enjoying any spirited drives. But, this is a family SUV. It’s not meant to be adventurous or wild. In fact, it’s a comfortable and stable vehicle that drives peacefully and perfectly. 

It also handles quite well along the highway and provides no room for mishaps. The top of the range SX trim even offers an optional self-leveling air suspension system at the rear that helps to maintain a specific riding height even when the car is loaded with luggage and people. 

When it comes to the steering, it is firm and responsive. It’s able to tell the driver what is going on underneath as the wheels get in contact with the road. Nothing upsets the car even on rock-ridden dirt roads. The large 18-inch and 20-inch wheels ensure the drive is plush and calm. 


Plenty of room 


The Kia Telluride sits seven or eight people in its large body. It’s on the larger end of the mid-size segment and offers plenty of space for buyers. You’ll find about 21 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row and 46 cubic feet when the row folded. When you fold all the rows, you get an unmatched 87 cubic feet of space. 

The seats provide great thigh support and enough room to keep you seated comfortably and undisturbed. Most of the metal and wood trimmings aren’t real. But, their quality is outstanding. All seats are covered in Genuine Nappa leather and feel way better on the hands when compared to other models from rival brands. 


Innovative technology


The Telluride’s multimedia system can keep you well-entertained throughout your journey without having to do much. In addition to analog gauges, you get digital displays that communicate everything you need to know about the car. 

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are provided alongside other neat utilities. You get a Driver Talk feature that switches off the music at the touch of a button to allow the driver to project his voice to the speakers fixed at the back of the car. 

There’s also a Quiet Mode feature that mutes the rear speakers to let your kids sleep whenever they need to. This allows you to enjoy music at the front without bothering those at the back. The Harman Kardon 10-speaker tries its best to keep you entertained along the journey. 


Uncompromised safety


Kia made the Telluride one of the safest SUVs in its portfolio. All high-level safety equipment comes as standard. This includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, pedestrian detection, automatic lane-centering, lane keep assist, rear cross-traffic alert and intervention, safe exit assistance for the rear seats, and blind spot detection with steering and braking prevention. Unlike other manufacturers, Kia does not charge extra for these. 


If you wish to sell you’re Kia, we’re interested

The Kia Telluride starts at a reasonable MSRP of $32,735. This places it within the same category as the Chevrolet Traverse and Honda Pilot. When loaded with all the options, the price rises to about $48,000. If you wish to sell your Kia, we’re buying. 

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